Sunday, May 12, 2013

Don’t burst my bubble!

Have you ever stopped to think where this phrase comes from? 

Positive Energy is something that drives humans to get through the day. It all begins with you getting up in the morning and mentally telling yourself “Today I’m going to have a great day!”

From that moment you are destine to have a great day. Positive Energy is easily transmitted in all you do and it is a mental state that tells you body to keep going feel good and full of energy, somehow it all fits into place. The cells in your brain transmit to your body those electrons of that give your strength, your PMA or Positive Mental Attitude helps you deal with your day and achieve all you wanted to do.

To put this into context, let me take you through a day where you have an energy bubble created by that PMA. So you get up in the morning, on the right side of the bed, and you go to the bathroom. There you look at yourself in the mirror and say to your self “Today is my day” As you open the shower, the water is hot and powerful and you feel that energy the drops of water transmit to your skin, re-charging that self-battery to it’s full capacity. Then you go to the bedroom and turn the radio on, and no matter what song comes on, your feel good. The clothes you chose to wear that day make you feel powerful and in control and you know you look good in them. You have a good breakfast, a good conversation with your family or friends and on top of all this the sun is shining! You set off and driving to work knowing you are in control and look forward to a successful day. The roads are clear, there is no traffic and another of your favourite songs comes on. Finally you arrive a your work place.

So far you are having a great day! Your positive energy has governed most of what you have done so far and most of it is not by chance, it is just that a PMA makes you see things in a positive way. You know you can take on the world, you are ready for anything; your PMA is driving you there.

So you meet your first work colleague. “Good morning!” you say with all that energy oozing out of you, “How are you today?”

“Terrible! I had the journey from hell to get here today!” says the deeply depressed and tired worker as he/she walks by. Their PMA is somewhere on the basement and their negative energy is like a small kindle that gives a little prick to your bubble of energy. As you feel the air coming out you cover this small hole which is beginning to let some of your positive energy out by just walking away from that person and focus on your day ahead, after all, in the words of James Brown “You feel good! You knew that you would”

Your next interact is also similar to the person you just met, bursting your positive energy with a phrase like “Not to bad” or “I’m ok I suppose” or even “fine”, all common phrases we know and use on a day to day bases but that have a negative connotation and contradicts the positive energy you are feeling that day. And each of these encounters is another little prick that is letting your positive energy out of your bubble. You are running out of fingers covering these holes and soon you won’t be able to stop the air from escaping.

And then you meet your boss, who by all accounts never recognises what you do or appreciates your work, but you deal with it. And they call you into the office.

By now your bubble is pretty much damaged by all the negative energy surrounding you and it only take one word, one sentence, one statement from that person to “burst your bubble”

You leave the office and now you are a field of negative energy. You are angry, annoyed, pissed off! And things start to go wrong. You get more bad news, the deal you were working on has fallen through, the package you were expecting has not come, there is a customer complaint lading on your desk and you just shouted at your assistant because she forgot to book an appointment you were sure you told her to do.

It’s time to go home, you had enough! You car won’t start. Finally when it does and you are sweating because of the stupid heat, you hit a traffic jam, some idiot has had an accident! You get home, the food is cold as you forgot to tell your partner you were going to be late and she/his not happy! There is nothing on TV, you’ve run out of beer so you can’t even have drink, the dog has made a mess and you have to clean it up and finally when you get to bed, your neighbour is playing loud music and you can get to sleep! You lay there, looking up and thinking, “Can’t wait for the day to end!”

Interestingly, at this point you are now so full of negative energy that you cannot see the good feeling you had when you woke up this morning, your world was crushed by the negative influences of those around you, in other words they burst your bubble.

Have you been there before? Have you had that feeling? I know I have and can bet you must people also experience this many times. It is a hard thing to combat, to deal with and you need to be both, physically and mentally strong to make sure your bubble is not burst.

The only way you can combat negative energy is to block it from your day. People with negative energy will transmit this to you, so you have to be strong and block it.

But how can you do this, when there is so much of it in our lives? Walk away from it, don’t let it feaster in your mind, think of the positive energy you have in you and re-charge your battery by focusing on the good. A bad encounter with a negative person can leave you drained and excused. Here are some things I know work for me:

·      Take a walk, get some fresh air, re-group with your positive thoughts and do something that will bring back your positive air into your bubble.
·      Make a call to a loved one just to say hello, their voice is your inspiration to keep going.
·      Watch a clip that would make you laugh, or find something funny, laughter is the most powerful weapon we have against negativism and it produces that all important positive air as you laugh.
·      Put it into perspective. Think what is the worst thing that can happen in life, then work backwards and think where you are now, most of the time what you are going through is nothing compare to what is the worst thing that could happen in your life.
·      Do what you like doing best. Sing, write, take a picture, draw, run, skip if you must!
·      Be silly, pull a face, do a silly walk. All these release some of that negative energy and you’ll make other laugh!
·      And finally say, “Sod it!” even if you don’t swear, still say “Sod it”. There is something about this phrase that has a magic effect. It’s like a good cure to all your troubles and helps you move on.

And then move on. This is the final hurdle because no matter what happens, you have to move on, deal with it and leave it behind.

Positive Energy can get you through the toughest situations in life, as well as enhancing the way you live your life. I am a great believer that the more positive you are, the more energy you have, the more you become immune to the negativism many people bring into out lives.